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Listen to and watch some of Colleen's latest podcasts and interviews with some of the countries leading influencers and business leaders. If you would like Colleen to join your podcast and inspire your audience please contact us at:



We chat to former Sportsgirl CEO...

A candid conversation with Colleen.

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Lady Leadership / Career Series / DOWNLOAD

Sam McIntryre Podcast – Lady Leadership.

Leader by Design.

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Business Essentials Daily / Soundcartel

Leadership is inside all of us – you just need the tools to let it shine.

6 Principles of great leadership.

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Business Essentials Daily / Soundcartel

Hard work, passion and business nous...

The sky's not always the limit.

Tilly Money

Tilly Money is here to tell women’s money stories. Episode 13: Colleen Callander on kind leadership and burnout.

Kind leadership and burnout.


Booktopia’s CEO Tony Nash sits down with Colleen Callander, author of Leader By Design. They discuss the magic recipe of business management, the power of confidence, talk CEO to CEO, and more.

The magic recipe of business.

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The WoW

The world of women. Colleen Callander is the former CEO of Sportsgirl Australia and is here to share with us her tips to confidence and leadership

Confidence and Leadership

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Bend like bamboo

Amanda Campbell chats to Colleen Callender, founder of Mentor Me Women.

Leadership by design.

League of Extraordinary Women

Colleen Callander joins us for an hour long digital session to discuss the importance of building confidence in the workplace.

Build Confidence & Find Your Voice.

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Peninsula Hot Springs World Wellness Weekend 2020.

Colleen Callander & Amanda Campbell deep dive into Resilience.


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Ignite your spark.

Former CEO of Sportsgirl Colleen Callander shares with us how we can ALL step up and become the leaders of our life. Hosted by Rebecca Statham.

Being the leader of your life.

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Be your best coach with JJ.

JJ interviews Former CEO of Sportsgirl Colleen Callander.