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Unlock Business Success and
Ignite Leadership Development

Colleen Callander

Are your ready to take your business to new heights of success?

Embark on a transformative journey with personalised business advisory and team leadership development from Colleen Callander.


Serving as a trusted advisor, Colleen collaborates with CEOs, executives, business owners, startup entrepreneurs, and young professionals, acting as a catalyst for your business's growth.

She provides valuable insights into creating high-performing teams, cultural transformation, strategic direction, brand differentiation, and adeptly navigates complexities.


Whether it's exploring your team's dynamics, refining strategic directions, defining organisational values and purpose, or gaining clarity on priorities, Colleen guides you through a comprehensive process of identifying growth opportunities, new initiatives, and possibilities to expand your business.

Prepare to be challenged to ignite your team's performance, set impactful goals, and establish empowering strategies. Colleen is  dedicated to supporting and empowering both you and your team to excel in business and leadership.


For a complimentary consultation, click below and embark on a journey toward transformative business success.



'Colleen Callander has been an invaluable asset to

Proud Poppy Clothing as a business advisor.


Her strategic insights and retail expertise have been crucial in guiding our company through growth and change.


Her dedication to our success is truly commendable, and we are grateful to have her on our team."


Tara McKeon

CEO & Founder Proud Poppy Clothing

"Colleen sparked my curiosity on Instagram and I did some research about her. Her story is inspiring, her career is outstanding and she knows a thing or two about leadership. I took a leap of faith and made contact with her. What I found was a warm, interested woman who was curious about how she could best meet my needs. She was very keen to support my request to work with my leadership team at the primary school where I am principal. We are currently participating in the Mentor Me program and my team are excited, motivated and ready to fly!
Thanks Colleen for your down to earth and supportive approach. It is a privilege to work with you."


Sue Carr 

Primary School Principal

After a session with Col, I leave feeling with a genuine sense of confidence and calmness in an otherwise chaotic world of being an entrepreneur with a startup. I came across Col as I was looking for mentorship from a CEO who has “been there and done that”. Since we began working together, Col continues to provide me with perspective and helps me to see the bigger picture. Relatable, personable and a terrific communicator, Col will help you to navigate new challenges that present themselves by providing you with insights and the tools to help you move forward with purpose and clarity.”


Heidi Shara 

Founder & CEO Wear That - Dubai

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