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Former Sportsgirl CEO and Founder of Mentor Me Women and Author of 'LEADER BY DESIGN'

Colleen Callander – Former Sportsgirl CEO and Founder of Mentor Me Women and Author of ‘LEADER BY DESIGN’ was born and raised in Geelong, Australia. Colleen is an award-winning CEO, has wealth of knowledge and a proven track record in brand growth strategies, establishing a winning culture and creating environments that allows people to be inspired and empowered. Colleen is now sharing not only the past 13 years experience as a CEO but the past 30 years of her industry and leadership knowledge.


Colleen works alongside women of all generations to go out of their comfort zone and live their best lives. She wants to encourage women globally to have the confidence to believe in themselves, their ability, their voice and find their superpower within. Colleen empowers women to lead in their own lives whether that be in boardrooms, organisations, communities or homes. She wants them to believe it is possible to become the leader they always wanted to be in business and in life and together create a new era of leadership, one that leads with kindness, humility and self-awareness. One that puts people at the heart of everything we do.


Colleen is an influential and dynamic force in Australia and believes that you don’t even need a title to be a leader. We have the ability to lead every day, with every action, every reaction, every interaction and every decision.


Colleen creates simple tools and actionable plans to empower woman to navigate through challenges, have a voice, live with purpose and lead in their own lives with confidence. She  is passionate about creating a world of trust, honesty and kind leadership where woman, communities and workplaces feel more fulfilled and empowered to live each day with purpose and passion.

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