It's time to start leading with confidence in business and in life!

Are you feeling stuck ?

Ready to take the next step in your career ?

Do you want to build real confidence ?

Want to build on your leadership skills ?

Do you need clarity and purpose in life ?

Are you ready to take back control ?

As a former CEO of two of Australia's iconic fashion brands, Colleen is proud to be a female leader who has led with purpose, stayed true to her values, inspired and empowered women to believe in themselves and created a culture that allowed people to truly shine. She now believes that it is time to share her purpose and passion with all women, which is the reason why she launched Mentor Me.


Mentor Me is platform through which Colleen mentors women from different walks of life. Executives, mums, start-up entrepreneurs, young women starting out in their careers, travel consultants, senior leaders, teachers... Colleen has worked with all of these women and more!

Group mentoring is run in small groups as a four-week program, where you will be challenged to step outside your comfort zone and set boundaries and goals that empower you to take action.



Week 1 – The Power of Values and Purpose

Week 2 – The Power of Leadership

Week 3 – The Power of Real confidence

Week 4 – The Power of Self

Mentor Me is a 4 week program that will help you build real confidence and empower you to step up, take control and be the leader in your life. As your mentor Colleen will guide, support, challenge you to step outside your comfort zone, gain clarity and set boundaries and goals, that will empower you to take action.  You will walk away with the tools and actionable plans that will allow you to navigate through challenges, live a life of passion and purpose and reach your full potential both personally and professionally.


Life doesn’t just happen…we have to get up and make it happen. 

What do you want your future to look like? 

Imagine your life one year from today.

Will it be one where you are clear on your goals?

One where you are living out your life's purpose?

One where you are living with real confidence?

One year from today, your life WILL be different... the question is how? Will it be the life you choose, the life you create, or will it be the life that just ends up “happening”? 


If you are ready to make real progress…if you are ready to build real confidence…if you are ready to find clarity in your life…if  you are ready to start living your best life…the one you deserve…then Mentor Me  is for you.
Create the life that YOU want to live in!



Every woman needs to complete this course.

When they say there are moments in life that forever change your path in life, well this course is my moment. 

I will be forever grateful to Colleen for allowing me the opportunity to be able to be mentored by her. She helped me find my worth, build on my strength and set fire to my hunger to continue to achieve, There will be no stopping me now! 

If there is one thing you want to do this year, make sure it’s ‘Mentor Me Women” 


—  Stephanie

‘I took the chance to invest in myself, not really sure what to expect. As a result of Colleen’s mentoring, I emerged just weeks later a self-assured woman and leader. Colleen is honest, passionate and understanding and will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Sharing the experience with other like-minded women means that you’re never alone in the journey of self-discovery.  There are many times in life when it is all too easy to self-doubt, however the Mentor-Me program helped build my self-confidence by showing me how being authentic to my values can make me the leader I want to be and continue to inspire those around me."


—  Rebecca